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Quality and Service

Quality Assurance

  • Full product traceability maintained for 5 years
  • Sample of every batch produced is stored for 5 years
  • Minimum two samples are tested for each product
  • Records of all R&D undertaken are maintained

Major Testing Equipment:

  • Brookfield Viscometers
  • Ring & Ball Softening Point
  • Water Immersion Test
  • Relative Humidity Test
  • Heating Ovens
  • Rolling Ball Tack Tester
  • Holding Power Tester
  • Tensile Tester
  • Cold Chamber upto -60C

  • The company is ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for development, manufacture and sale of hot melt adhesive in national and international markets.

    Recent Developments

    • Introduced heat sealing coating for soap wrappers. Coating thickness required is reduced from 15 - 18 gsm to 8 - 10 gsm.
    • Introduced special hot melt adhesive for carton sealing where metallocene based products fail to work
    • Introduced metallocene based free-flowing hot melt adhesive for carton sealing that can be transferred by vacuum
    • Introduced 43mm dia. hot melt adhesive slugs for hand held guns
    • Hot melt adhesive for furniture edge banding being launched